Proactive Occupational Medicine

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Both Audio and X-Ray Services On-Board

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Proactive Occupational Medicine can complete all required employee occupational testing in a manner that is most cost effective. We will adapt our schedules to the client and its employees. We will tailor our on-site services to support client needs for occupational testing such as Audiograms, COE (Coke Oven Emissions) Physicals including Chest X-rays, Pulmonary Function Testing, Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing, and medical lab work.


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Proactive Occupational Medicine works with the client’s bottom line by managing work injuries in a way that keeps the injured worker at the site for the most part, treating his or her injury at the site and still allowing him or her to be a productive entity for that client. Proactive Occupational Medicine has been created to serve the business community by treating their most valuable asset, its employees, with the dignity and respect they deserve, while saving the employer money. ~ Jeff Brown, Owner


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